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Located in North Hollywood California, Combatives Academy is a unique place to train in martial traditions from around the world. Explore and learn the most effective martial arts systems from places as diverse as Brazil, China, Indonesia, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, the United States, and more.

The Combatives Academy program is an amalgam of styles and training methods from Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune DoKuno Silat, Bahala Na Martial Arts, Western Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Japanese Jujutsu. and Combative Grappling. Our Grappling program includes Catch as Catch Can Wrestling, Sambo and Brazilian Jujitsu

Each class provides students with valuable 'take home knowledge' of proven and devastating martial arts techniques and principals from multiple disciplines. In a few short weeks, you will notice improvements in flexibility, strength, endurance, focus, awareness and energy levels. Training in Combatives will help you learn to overcome personal obstacles, reduce negative thoughts and emotions and increase your enthusiasm and outlook in your personal life.  

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The Combatives Academy Mission Statement

Our job is to provide students with the most effective and specific training for survival and self defense. No martial art system or training methods are overlooked, Our singular focus is to prepare you to survive, in ‘anything goes’ self defense situations.

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Jeet Kune Do - The Way Of The Intercepting Fist

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do system emphasizes Simplicity, Directness and Effectiveness A.typical beginner’s class focuses on structure, footwork, timing, distance and sensitivity. The primary skill set for Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, (sometimes called original Jeet Kune Do) is to learn to intercept your attacker with your own counter attack. The ability to utilize timing and distance against any attack gives the JKD practitioner the ability to strike effectively. Training with various equipment such as focus gloves, Thai Pads, and Kicking shields, the Jun Fan JKD classes help you develop powerful striking skills with thousands of repetitions to make your striking skills second nature.

Another benefit of Jeet Kune Do is receiving a martial arts education. The Jeet Kune Do Concepts method of training, emphasizes exploring different systems and training methods and integrate them with your JKD structure. The Concepts Method of JKD teaches you to analyze and learn different arts and training methods to find what fits in with your existing structure. This unique approach to martial arts training has sped up the evolution of cross training in martial arts and even the sport of MMA.

Kuno Silat - Ancient Art, New Spirit

One of the most sought after martial arts systems is the Indonesian martial art of Pentjack Silat. Perhaps the most influential Silat teacher in the Unites States was Pendekar Paul De Thouars. Pendekar Paul created an art of Silat was called Bukti Negara which was an interpretation of an older system called “Sera” or “Serak”. Pendekar Paul modified aspects of the seminal art of Serak and created a more dynamic and effective system of Silat . Bukti Negara which translates to “Evidence of a Continent” has many unique and highly efficient and effective sweeps and throws. Although this is a stand up, striking (Pukulan) art, the training for beginners emphasizes the grappling aspects of learning posture, position, sweeps, throws and take downs.

Kepala Menguruan Dan Huybrechts was given the art of Bukti Negara on January 27th 1996 by Pendekar Paul. After the passing of Pendekar Paul, Guru Dan changed the name of the art to Kuno Silat Semangat Baru, which translates to “Ancient Art, New Spirit”. Kuno Silat is the full and complete and most accurate instruction of Pendekar Paul’s art. Guru Dan Huybrechts is the undisputed authority of Pendekar Paul’s art of Silat,

The fighting rationale of our particular brand of Silat is to quickly take down the attacker and finish him with a ground and pound ‘pukulan’.blitz. The fast take downs from this system makes defending yourself against multiple attackers more feasible, Specialized strategies and tactics are taught to increase the percentages of dealing with multiple attackers.

Kuno Silat is a highly effective and brilliantly designed martial arts system. We are proud to be the headquarters location of Kuno Silat at Combatives Academy, where Guru Dan teaches his art directly to our students.

Bahala Na Escrima - Come What May

Bahala Na Escrima is the crown jewel of FMA or Filipino Martial Arts, and martial culture. The most unique aspect of Bahala Na Escrima is the war time experiences of its founder, Grand Master Emeritus Leo M. Giron (1911 - 2002). Grand Master Leo Giron successfully used his art of Escrima during World War II against the Japanese Imperial Military. A quick excerpt from documents the experiences of Grand Master Giron:

“Sergeant Giron lead a group of American and Philippine soldiers through the most hazardous conditions of World War II deep in the jungles of the Philippines. Many encounters are documented in the United States Library of Congress in Washington DC. Because of his contributions during World War II Sergeant Giron would receive, The Bronze Star Medal, The Philippine Liberation Ribbon, The Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, The American Campaign Medal, the World War II Victory Medal and a letter of commendation ordered by the President of the United States of America.”

The fighting experiences in World War II helped Grand Master Giron create a battle proven Escrima system. Unlike other forms of Filipino Martial Arts of Kali, Escrima or Arnis, Bahala Na Escrima is a blade based Escrima style. The system is comprised of twenty styles that address short, medium and long range fighting. Bahala Na is a complete martial art that includes training with the stick, knife, sword, double stick, stick and dagger, sword and dagger, empty hand techniques, strategy and more. The benefit of training in a weapons based martial art such as Bahala Na is to provide the student with real world experiences training with edged and blunt weapons. These experiences are priceless when faced with an armed attacker for self defense. The head instructor of our Bahala Na Escrima program is Master Kirk McCune a long time student of Grand Master Giron and Grand Master Tony Somera. Master Kirk is the 1st Master of the Bahala Na World Headquarters International. Master Kirk is recognized as the leader of the Bahala Na organization around the world.


Systems and Styles

Kuno Martial Arts
Dutch Indonesian Pentjak Silat

Jeet Kune Do
Bruce Lee's martial art and philosophy

Bahala Na Martial Arts
Filipino Bladed Arts Escrima Arnis

Muay Thai
Thai Boxing

Combative Grappling
Sambo, Catch, Brazilian Jujitsu