Kuno Martial arts

Our system if Pentjack Silat originates from West Java, Indonesia and barrows from an older system called Sera or Serak Silat. Kuno Silat is also considered to be a Dutch Indonesian system of Silat since its origin is from Dutch Indo's. Pendekar Paul De Thouars created this and passed it on to head instructor or Kepala Menguruan Dan Huybrechts. Kepala Menguruan Dan Huybrechts teaches this unique and powerful style of Silat to the public at Combatives Academy today. Affectionately called Guru Dan by students, Guru Dan is the head instructor of the Kuno Silat program at Combatives Academy.

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The Bukti negara era

Kuno Silat Semangat Baru means ancient art and a new spirit. Kuno Silat used to be called Bukti Negara and was well known by Silat aficionados in the United States and abroad.

The name change represents the new spirit and openness in teaching and sharing the art while actively creating a new generation of strong Silat players. 

Kuno Martial Arts is one of the most efficient self defense arts available today. The quick and nearly effortless sweeps, throws and takedowns makes this art capable of definding even against musltiple attackers. 



Kepala Menguruan Dan Huybrechts and Guru Lance Alonzo